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Product Overview

Screen HRM is a cloud HR software application and Projects Management solution suite that helps organizations take on a more strategic approach towards:

Minimizing paperwork

Trying to manage a busy HR department dealing with heaps of information contained on paper, spreadsheets or manual databases is  waste of valuable time and resources in today’s business environment. Paperless HR based on cloud-driven tech, e-signatures and digital templates can free HR teams from the burden of filling in forms, updating spreadsheets, and filing paper documents. SCREEN HRM increases accuracy, reduces duplication and brings consistency within your HR department. Screen HRM software allows you to consolidate reports and deliver them electronically.

Integrating multiple HR functions under one roof

Recruitment, payroll, employee on boarding, staff appraisal and rewards, and other related activities can now be conducted via a single comprehensive portal built to facilitate several tasks seamlessly. With one single cloude-based HR software for all HR processes, you can get the best of Human Resources by carrying out numerous tasks, verifying employee background, preparing payrolls, finding new talents, providing training and development sessions and many more.

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Focusing on people as Assets

With two primary functions rolled into one, HR best practices and HR Project Management operations, Screen HRM delivers an enjoyable ease of use experience to the users allowing them to save and invest their time in developing their skills and competences. This is at both the    systematic enterprise-wide and at the  employee-centric level. Screen HRM provides new ways of measuring and rewarding employee performance as that will motivate staff and enhance their career path. Screen HRM’s software features are engineered to help educate employees and achieve their full potential.

Key Features of Screen HRM

Screen HRM Software has some unique features such as built-in payroll. This is an automated payroll-enabled function which will allow HR personnel to rest easy without having to manually track and trigger payments. The software has a budget tracker that will help project management team to track project budgets instantly with ease. Screen HRM Software offers self service portal with drilled-down menu items, where HR personnel can analyse vital team metrics directly from their custom role-based dashboards.

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Core Benefits of Screen HRM

Screen HRM is straightforward to set up and implement; there is no complex installation process. It is easy-to-use and fully-customizable; it offers a high degree of flexibility. It  streamlines communication across the organisation. With Screen HRM software, you can digitize your HR department and turn a disjointed process into one that runs smoothly whether your company is small or medium-sized. Screen HRM software will be your strategic partner to reduce the time spent on admin tasks, save cost, and increase communication.

Modular Solutions
That Improve Your HR Experience

With our unique HR management software, you pick exactly what you need and leave behind anything you don’t.
Our individual modules are designed to solve your biggest HR problem – or all of your problems.
Start with what you need now and add as you go..

Personnel Data Management

  • Employee Tracking
  • Track Locations
  • Report Customisation

Project Management

  • Custom Fields
  • Cost Per Project
  • Reporting Tools

Leave Management

  • Leave Accrual and Carry Forward
  • Leave Calendar
  • Leave Nominee

Tracking Attendance

  • Timesheets
  • Attendance
  • Reports & Analytics

Performance Appraisal

  • Advanced Performance Tracking
  • Performance tracker
  • Massive creation of appraisals

Talent Management

  • Dynamic Workflow
  • Interview Assistant
  • Decision Support

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